Robb Kunz

Robb Kunz is a Founder & CEO of several high-technology Companies, an Active Angel Investor, the Founder & Managing Partner of ventureblue Capital and Co-founder of BoomStartup, Utah's Mentorship-driven investment program.

As an Investor, he founded and created ventureblue Capital an early-stage high technology investment firm. He is an active Angel Investor as a member of the Olympus Angels Investors based in Salt Lake City, Utah and recently was acknowledge as one of the top 15 Angel Investors in the State of Utah for 2009 and 2010. He recently Co-founded and is Co-Managing Partner of BoomStartup, Utah's Mentorship-driven Investment Program. He was recently selected as 2010 Investor Mentor of the Year in the State of Utah. He can also be found on AngelList at

As an Entrepreneur, his expertise and track record revolves around starting, launching & funding emerging Companies. He is a Senior Technology Executive with strong business strategy with hands-on execution capability. He is the Founder/CEO of KnowledgeBlue, an Open Source Systems Integrator and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm. KnowledgeBlue was recently acknowledge as the 37th fastest growing Company in the State of Utah as part of the elite Utah100. group. He was recently acknowledge as one of the Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs in the State of Utah as part of the v-Spring v100.

As a Director, he sits on the Board of GuestSpan, which provides high-technology SaaS solutions to the Hospitality Industry and RedSpan Inc

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