Rand Simberg

Rand Simberg is a former project manager with Rockwell International having previously worked at the Aerospace Corporation. At Rockwell, he worked on a number of advanced concepts, including solar power satellites, launch and orbit transfer systems, space tethers, and lunar resource utilization. He has been cited as an expert in space transportation by the (now defunct) Office of Technology Assessment, and has provided key input into a number of space policy reports. He was editor of the Space Activists' Handbook (a publication of Spacepac) for several years. For the past eighteen years, he has been the President of Interglobal Space Lines, Inc., a commercial space entrepreneurial company and consultancy, specializing in low-cost space access and tourism. He has dual degrees in engineering from the University of Michigan (concentrating in astronautics) and a masters in technical management from West Coast University, in Los Angeles. Now an adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, he writes regularly at Popular Mechanics, Pajamas Media, The New Atlantis, and occasionally at National Review. He blogs regularly at the Washington Examiner, and maintains his own weblog on space policy and a range of other topics at www.transterrestrial.com.

Broadcast 241 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg was the guest for this Space Show program and updated us on important events and activities happening in the space development world. Rand shared his Mojave Space Ship One experiences with us, told us what he thought this event meant to the space advocacy as well community, the government, NASA, Congress, and the general American population.

Broadcast 136 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg and Bill Simon discuss the importance of this day in history, the story of when we first left Earth and humans walked on a celestial body other than Earth, the Moon. They discuss their story program, Evoloterra (http://www.evoloetrra.com), how they created it, its significance and importance, and how it can be used by everyone for free to celebrate this important event in the history of mankind. In addition, we discuss space policy, NASA, space access, the role of the private sector in space development and much more.

Broadcast 124 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg, a former project manager with Rockwell International, now publishes a weekly article with Fox News Online as well as maintaining a superb space policy weblog. During this program, Mr. Simberg discusses various aspects of space policy, the manned space flight program as maintained by NASA, the ISS, space commerce and space tourism, affordable space access by the private sector, and much more. Mr. Simberg is quite outspoken about what is needed for our nation to move forward in space development, including strong recommendations regarding government space policies and programs.


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